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DAD Spotlight: CordCruncher

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Tangle-Free Wired Earphones At Last!

Check out the revolutionary new tangle-free earphones!

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DAD Audio Announce DAD North America

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DAD Launches it's exciting range in North America!

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Gadget Show Live 2013 - See us There!

DAD confirm 2013 Gadget Show Live presence

Keep tuned to see which manufacturers we'll be featuring at Gadget Show Live 2013!

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CES Las Vegas 2013

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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - we were there!

More info to follow from the awesome 2013 Vegas CES

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Spring Fair 2103

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Spring Fair 2013 - we're there in Hall 3

Come see us in Hall 3!

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Check out our latest gadget - the incredibly useful BlueDock connector!

Extending the life of your docking speakers, this new Bluetooth device simply plugs in to the Apple dock connector on your speaker, then connects to your Bluetooth devices to extend the usability.  Turn your old docking speaker into a wireless speaker for the latest devices - any tablet or mobile with a Bluetooth connection.

DAD - Fighting back for the user! 

Gooey Hard Case 

Not just another phone and tablet case or skin - the Goo.ey is a genuine new departure!

Available for iPhone 4 & 5, iPad (inc Mini and Air) and several Samsung smartphones, this system features a unique material that is not sticky to the touch and does not pick up dust or fluff, but will stick to any smooth surface, like glass, laminate, metal, vinyl etc.  And it really will hold the device on a vertical surface - use it to mount your iPad on a wall to watch videos, or part of a home automation system - stick your iPhone to your car windscreen to use as a GPS device, the options are endless.  

It's also available in a range of colours, to ensure the style doesn't fall behind the function!

DAD are delighted to be distributing this unique product and we'll be bringing you full product details on this site soon.  Feel free to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information. 

Cooking With Goo.ey! 

Bringing more excellent new products from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, DAD are proud to announce the fantastic Damson Headbones!

Using the Incisor Diffusion Technology so successfully used in the Twist and Jet surface speakers, Damson have thrown an incredible curve-ball into the busy headphone market.

These Bluetooth headphones will pair to any Bluetooth device and deliver incredible sound fidelity and bass response through the magic of bone conduction, straight through your temporal bone, into your inner ear.  Your skull will become the speaker enclosure!

The benefits are two-fold.  First, you can replicate incredible depth of sound as the diffuser actually uses your bone structure to resonate the sound.  Secondly, there are no ear-buds blocking your ear canals, so you can still hear whats going on around you – a key safety aspect if you use headphones while walking through city streets.

We’ll have more news on these incredible new headphones when official launch dates are announced!

Reign armband and app
Fresh back from the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, our team have been really excited by the latest and greatest product from Jaybird!
Reign is a new style of device for Jaybird, who until now have concentrated on wireless earphones.  This is a fully connected personal activity monitor – designed by athletes, for athletes.  
The core of the product is the connection between a uniquely sophisticated wristband monitor system and the custom-designed app for smartphones.  
Reign monitors your daily activity, not just using motion detection, but reading the space between heartbeats – this allows it to give you some fantastic information, such as how much sleep you need tonight to be properly rested and it will even read when your body is ready to be active and would benefit most from exercise.
It’s got the potential to transform your life and it’s coming to DAD for this Summer’s outdoor fitness season – stay tuned for more info!
The uniquely designed CordCruncher headphones completely free you from the hassle of tangled cables. It’s a problem that plagues every headphone user and the CordCruncher provides a basic but revolutionary solution. 
Simply by enclosing the headphone wires in an elasticated case the headphones remain untangled and free even when stuffed in a pocket or wrapped around your wrist. The extendable wires mean you can even choose the length of your headphones. 
Stylish and practical the CordCruncher doubles as a fashion accessory when not in use and is enclosed in an elastic sleeve when not fully outstretched. Wear as a necklace or bracelet by plugging the headphone jack back into the elasticated case. With this added protection and practicality the CordCruncher is designed to last.
Made by Moxytronix and born out of a “chaos of creativity” the CordCruncher was brought into existence through the aid of crowd funding. 
Check out the video below: