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X Mini is BACK!

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X Mini has finally brought out the product the market has been demanding - the long awaited follow-up to the…

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Mel B selects Cordcruncher

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Celebrity Inc - the newest business reality show in the US, featuring Mel B - a Dragon's Den style show,…

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New HP In-Car Cameras - available now

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Constant recording and accident proof - HP bring quality to the dashcam market

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DAD Spotlight: CordCruncher

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Tangle-Free Wired Earphones At Last!

Check out the revolutionary new tangle-free earphones!

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The UK Drone Show took off with a bang on the weekend of 5th and 6th December with  Xiro officially launching to an enthusiastic UK audience.  Giving a fresh approach to the ready to fly drone, the Xiro Xplorer range really did wow the crowds in a big way!
With the largest stand at the show, Xiro were keen to present this fresh range and gain valuable feedback.  The Xiro stand was buzzing with visitors for both days of the show - regularly three deep at the demonstration desk!
Tellingly, of visitors polled, 87% preferred the Xiro range of drones to the DJI Phantom range on price, performance, looks and features!
The Xplorer was the only ready to fly drone in its class that could live with the obstacle course designed for the FVP racing drones – indicating that it’s a truly high-performance, precise drone, as well as a superb camera platform.
After every live demonstration in the arena, the Xiro stand was swamped with a fresh batch of visitors looking to purchase this exciting new drone.
Of customers purchasing at the show, the vast majority selected the top-of-the-range Xplorer-V – with the high quality Xiro HD video camera – which also takes 14MP stills saved in DNG RAW format.  
Xiro is here to take on the UK Drone Market and offer the best in class for the keenest MSRPs.

Time to really fly!

Drones are the biggest thing to hit UK consumer electronics since the iPod and DAD are delighted to being to the UK one of the most highly featured, sophisticated, reliable and robust drones yet produced.

Available in three main forms, the Xiro Xplorer leads the charge with its incredible performance and ease of use.  The drone itself features three flying modes from beginner to expert, all versions have GPS waypoint ability and a host of flying functionality that keep them exciting, yet safe for anyone over 18 to fly.  The control software works with your smartphone - which clips onto the remote controller - and in the video enabled models, this also enables high quality live streaming video.

Two camera platform versions are available - the V and G.  

The Xplorer V features Xiro's own highly refined HD camera, which can even capture 13MP professional RAW files - something unique to the Xplorer at this price point.  A host of features including object tracking and intellegint selfie mode, plus total control over camera settings on the fly make the V an extremely versatile prosumer video gathering device.

The Xplorer G is Xiro's GoPro platform.  A superb quality GoPro compatible 3 axis stabilised gimbal is included and software allows remote controlling of the GoPro with live viewing, of course, comes as standard.

Time to really fly with the new Xiro Xplorers! 

The latest brand to come on board with DAD is Alcohoot - already a top-selling brand in the US.  The Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyser brings Police grade fuel cell technology to the private user for the first time.  

Use the Smartphone app to measure your blood alcohol level - ideally the morning after, to ensure your safety to drive.  The unit is smart enough to calibrate itself, using your smartphone's GPS, to the local legal limits and measurement units.  

The app can track your readings, give historical data, even suggest local eatieries or search taxi information for you if you blow over the limit!

The unit comes with 8 replaceable tips for hygiene and further tips can be purchased.

Be smart, use Alcohoot. 


Metal hardware... Reclaimed wood... Superb audio componentry...

Sounds reason enough to buy some great sounding headphones, right?  How about if we told you that every set of headphones sold helps provide hearing aids or hearing care to those who can't afford it, through the efforts of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

There's two products - the in-ear Bowerys and the over-ear Troubadour.  Both have class leading performance at their price-points and a real unique style.  Using reclaimed wood enclosures (in four varieties of wood) gives the LSTN sound a warm tone - without any muddiness.  Beautiful style and performance in one package.

Check them out on the site for further information. 


Lamborghini - a name that you can't mistake.  Tonino Lamborghini is no simple badging excercise - the company is run by the son of Ferrucio Lamborghini - the man behind the famous car brand.

This new range of headphones has been styled to follow the innovative and eye-catching style language used by the incredible Italian supercars.  This doesn't mean they are style over substance, though.  With an over ear design and three versions of their in-ear product, they use innovative, top-performing technologies to give audio performance to match the stunning looks.

Starting at £69.99, they are also attainable by those who may not necessarily have access to their automotive namesakes!  Check them out here on the DAD site now.