Digital Audio Distribution (DAD) was founded in 2008 with the goal of distributing the world’s best digital audio products in the UK market. The story starts in a snowy Edinburgh in early 2008 when Korean market leaders, Cowon Systems, approached DAD to distribute their product range of cutting edge MP3 players. With a collective 20 years worth of experience in the digital audio marketplace, DAD’s team re-launched Cowon into the UK with explosive results.

With the initial partnership firmly established, Denon’s headphone division approached DAD looking for a partner who could devote the mindshare and resources necessary to launch their new range of headphones. With Cowon’s audiophile grade MP3 players forming a perfect synergy with Denon’s premium headphones – retailers were offered fantastic cross-sell potential. 

This was taken to the next level when Singapore’s XM-I chose DAD to distribute their X-mini speaker range. Their innovative satsuma sized portable speakers with patented bass expansion technology envelop a whole room in sound. With the portable audiovisual market well represented, Popcorn Hour, HDI Dune, Xstreamer and  their range of high-definition media tanks offered an ideal bridge into the multimedia home entertainment sector.

With consistent month on month growth, the DAD team continues to expand - our customers continue to be delighted, and new opportunities continue to flourish. The latest market leading brands to join the DAD portfolio include;

  • Jaybird – headphones, and earphones and the best Bluetooth versions on the market today
  • Popcorn Hour – taking all media in to the home, and bringing your movies to life
  • Speedo – taking mp3 and cameras to the swimmers and divers
  • Comply – foams that will delight your ears ! A true consumable CE product!
  • Dune – media tanks that wage a war on current mass market offerings
  • MEElectronics – startlingly low priced headphones with stunning performance
  • XStreamer – the digital media collectors dream

If your product is special and you’re looking for specialist knowledge of the audiovisual market combined with infectious enthusiasm and a proven track record – contact us today.