Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyser

Alcohoot transforms your smartphone into a simple tool for enhancing your lifestyle.

Alcohoot is a police-grade, award-winning smartphone breathalyzer that enables users to easily track their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) leading to smarter, more responsible decisions when drinking. Through a powerful iOS and Android mobile application, you can track your consumption, set personal limits and adjust your habits while also finding safe ways home or local restaurants.

Simply plug Alcohoot into the headphone jack on your smartphone, open the app and you're ready to go. Steadily breathe into the collection chamber using one of the reusable mouthpieces that come with the device. Within seconds, you have an accurate, reliable reading of your BAC. The palm-sized device uses a registered platinum fuel cell - the same technology used in police and military devices. Through the integrated features in the app, you can figure out your next move: grab a drink, and a ride or maybe just some fries.

Smart. Responsible. You’re In Control.

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RRP: £89.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: N/A
Battery Life: 500+ tests per charge

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