Cord Cruncher Tangle Free Earphones

Cord Cruncher is a fantastic new idea to deal with the perennial problem of wired earphones – tangled cables.

With a unique patented design, in one swoop, Cord Cruncher has consigned the hassle of untangling your earphone cable to the history books!  Fitted with a latex rubber sleeve, the Cord Cruncher earphone has a long 3m cable, which is designed to retract into the sleeve in one simple move.

Available in a series of 4 bright and funky colours, the Cord Cruncher earphones are a fashion statement as well as a great piece of portable tech.  With the cord retracted, the jack plug can be inserted into the opposite end of the sleeve, creating a loop which can be doubled up and worn as a bracelet, or worn round the neck for convenience.  

The earphones themselves are a great quality pair of in-ear canal buds – with a wide 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range and great bass.  Supplied in the pack are three pairs of earbuds to customise the fit of the product.

Funky, convenient and cool – the Cord Crunchers are here to take over the world!

Press Reviews

Press Reviews: “The best new headphones ever”

iPhone Life Magazine: “A must have, It may well go down in history”

Gadget Review: “A near fool-proof way to keep your headphones from being tangled”

The Wall Street Journal: “The most teen-proof earbuds you can buy”

Mashable: “An excellent idea that’s long overdue”

Popular Science: “No More Tangles”

Ubergizmo: “The first tangle-free headphones in the world”

TUAW: “The ultimate in listening comfort”

AndroidGuys: “Fuller sound, more bass”

Discovery Channel News: “The certainly sound promising” 


RRP: £14.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: N/A
Battery Life: N/A

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Press Downloads

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