Cowon D3

The latest release from Cowon, the D3, takes all the best features of previous models, combines them and throws in plethora of new features.  The D3 is set to surpass the heights that previous models have achieved...Sure to be the next big thing from experienced Cowon design team, its the D3.

Retaining the renowned audiophile sound quality, the D3 delivers an audio-visual experience like no other with the inclusion of 1080p Video playback and a 3.7" AMOLED display. JetEffect and BBE+ sound software allows for a customized & personalised audio reproduction, truly every audiophiles dream software.

The D3 is the first of its kind and operates a no-nonsense, easy to use Android OS.  Love your apps? With a fast and convenient access to the net through WiFi you can download all the new Android apps you can get a hold of!  The D3 is a must have gadget, don't miss out!

Press Reviews

Press Reviews


RRP: £219 - £239 - £279
Memory Size: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Features: Touchscreen, FM Radio, Memory Expansion Slot, Bluetooth, Video Playback, Photo Viewer
Battery Life: Music: Max 20 hours - Video: Max 10 hours

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