Cowon i10 MP3 Player

i10 -  awarded the 2011 Good Design Award presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion
The i10 is Cowon's entry level screen-equipped MP3 player with video functionality.  Building on the incredibly successful i9, the i19 uses a combination of touch panel control with a big screen display.  Simple to use without having to constantly check on-screen menus.

Stylish and slim, the lightweight (73g) player has a distinctive curved back to let it sit in the hand comfortably and also slip in and out of pockets with ease.  Tough screen, robust chassis, this player is designed for everyday use.

Key to that is the impressive 38 hour battery life for audio on a single charge.  Charging is performed via USB and this opens another of the player's key usability points; it's simple drag and drop operation.

Drag and drop allows you to simply manage your music with your PC or Mac, connecting and moving media as simply as you would to an external drive or USB storage.  Also key, is it's compatibility with a wide variety of file formats.  MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE and WAV files are all supported.

Audio is key to Cowon's continued fanbase and the i10 does not disappoint.  Crisp and clear reproduction with the BBE+ audio architecture unique to Cowon in mobile devices.  No matter what quality the file you load, the i10 will be the product that shows it's best light.

Video is a major improvement over i9 - the screen is physically larger (3 inch TFT LCD) which will display your AVI, WMV or ASF video files with great clarity.  This is in addition to the new User Interface that Cowon call "Color Therapy" - allowing a range of colour styles to be user-selected.

So, the i10 is a low-cost entry level audiophile spec MP3 player with added video functionality.  The ideal mobile companion for a proper audio enthusiast at a pricepoint that the non-audiophile will find very attractive.

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RRP: £99, £119, £149
Memory Size: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Features: FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Video Playback, Photo Viewer
Battery Life: 38 hours audio, 6 hours video

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