Vulcan Bluetooth Speaker

Vulcan features wide field stereo that delivers a rich full range of audio over a wider field area than traditional two speaker units. This produces a louder, more complete room filling sound than that of other comparable speakers at the price point. 

This means you can enjoy proper hi-fi quality sound from a device smaller than a rugby ball, easily portable, with it's own in-built lithium battery for over 12 hours totally wire-free play.  Thumping bass and balanced full frequency response from a truly compact package.

Add to that, its ability to act as a conference call unit and the simple voice prompts for pairing and you've got a product that would excel at twice the price.

Be Bold - Go Vulcan! 

Press Reviews

Press Reviews:

“I’d go as far to say that it probably sets the standard for portable Bluetooth loudspeakers at this price”

HiFi World July 2015 - 5 Globe review


RRP: £99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: Bluetooth
Battery Life: 12 hours

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