FiiO E06 Portable Headphone Amplifier

A step up from the E5

FiiO have upped the game a bit from the old E5, Keeping things affordable while offering some of the sonic benefits of it's more expensive rivals. The FiiO E6 has 3 EQ settings -3dB, +3dB and +6dB. The 3 EQ setting give flexibility to adjust the sound to suit your headphones as a lot of aftermarket headphones can promote a more bassy sound the -3dB setting can be used to level the sound out, while the +6dB setting adds a warmth to the bass and mid-range without over doing the bass. The FiiO E6 is not simply a device to make the music from your device louder but it improves the sound quality, the same idea as buying an upgraded amplifier for your home system. These images show a direct comparison between the E5 and the new E6.

While the E5 was a heavy little metal clad amplifier weighing in at 30g the E6 with its plastic body is more portable weighing in at a mere 16g making it more comfortable to have hanging from your headphones. The FiiO E6 also comes with a removable transparent belt clip and a lanyard loop on the top edge which gives you more carrying options whether you chose to have it hanging round your neck, clipped to your coat or belt or just hanging from your headphones. The E6 is powered by a light lithium battery which will give up to 10hrs of listening pleasure from its 16mW output between charges. Charging is by mini USB so you just need to plug it into your PC or laptop to top up your listening time, no need to replace the battery!
What a great introduction the portable headphone amplifier market

The FiiO E6 is a great first headphone amplifier for anyone wanting a better sound from their player or just more volume. Lots of fun messing with the EQ settings to see which suits your headphones the best and then just kick back and enjoy the enhanced sound.


  • Small size, easy to carry
  • New power amplifier circuit, high SNR, low distortion
  • Adopt positive and negative power supply; satisfy with large Dynamic Signal Processing
  • Electronic volume control
  • Key lock function
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, normally work above 10 hours (This for reference only)
  • Built-in EQ, three types of EQ options with different bass effect and a high level option.
  • Standard Mini USB connector
  • Removable transparent back splint (lean 45°), to meet different needs.

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RRP: £22.99
Memory Size: N/A
Battery Life: 10 Hours

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