FiiO E10 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E10 DAC Headphone Amp

The Fiio E10 is a tasty looking piece of kit with it's black anodised aluminum case, featuring an enhanced anti-interference ability. The E10 sports a volume potentiometer and a barrier free design making it easy to operate and the volume is displayed highlighted by a digital lamp, it's a very intuitive pup to play with.

The E10 has Fiio's Bass boost with OFF, 0dB and ON giving +3dB from it's built-in bass boosting circuit wizardary, with traditional software to set the EQ the effect of E10 will be even better. 
Another great feature of the E10 is the USB Digital Audio Convert (DAC) with coaxial digital audio output. There is a fixed level audio line output with full scale support to install automatically without any driver installation.The maximum output of the Fiio E10 is 96K/24Bit.
A bit more in depth if that's possible

The Fiio E10 is powered by a standard mini-USB and gives a power output of 150mW at 32 Ohms. The sample rate USB decoder runs at 96KHz/24 Bit and the stereo frequency response is 20Hz-20KHz through the coaxial output. To get the best out of the Fiio E10 use headhones with impedance between 16 Ohms and 300 Ohms.

The Fiio E10 is a nifty USB DAC headphone amplifier that looks and feels great with a cool black anodised aluminium finish. Sounds fantastic too giving a much richer sound through the full range while keeping the musics natural tone.


  • Volume potentiometer,Barrier free design, easy to operate.Volume digital indicator, more intuitive.
  • Bass boost,OFF:0dB;ON:+3dB , built-in bass boosting circuit ,it's different with traditional software to set the EQ, the effect of E10 will be better.
  • USB digital Audio convert to coaxial digital audio output.
  • Line output,Fixed level audio line output with full scale.
  • Support to install automatically without any driver, maximum output :96K/24Bit
  • All-aluminum shell, enhanced anti-interference ability, thus it's more reliable and durable

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RRP: £69.99
Memory Size: No Hard Drive
Features: Onboard Amp & DAC
Battery Life: N/A

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