FiiO E11 Portable Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E11 Portable Headphone Amplifier

A boost to audio quality and not just volume!

It's important for headphone amplifiers to ensure what they are offering is not simply an increase volume output. The FiiO E11 in this sense competes with products over double their price! This little beauty will surely tickle anyone's earbuds, the FiiO E11 is a more than just a bang-for-your-buck amplifier! Plug in your headphones and get ready to rock!

What does the FiiO E11 offer?

Beautifully built - This may not be the smallest addition to your portable audio solution, however it is most certainly a clever one! The FiiO E11 has an element of style, and it's design will certainly draw some inquisitive looks from passers-by. It has to noted that the build quality of the FiiO E11 is anything but flimsy, there is even a volume protector to ensure you don't accidently turn up the volume and rattle your eyes around!
Long Battery life - FiiO quote us a 10 hour batty life and we are happy to agree that from one charge you should get your 10 hours playback if not more (settings depending).

Excellent sound quality - Cold sounding music is a thing of the past! The FiiO E11 brightens and warms your tunes (not too obviously though) and brings out the best in your music. The outcome is a clean and transparent sound signature. The various tone settings and gain setting have different effects on your audio reproduction and you can pick and choose the one that satisfies your needs the most. You have three levels of bass boost, two gain options and two working voltage options.

High volume capabilities - A word of warning - don't turn up the volume too loud, it will hurt! The FiiO E11 has a fair amount of power and can drive the most demanding over-ear cans, but like we say the FiiO E11 is to help you get the most out of your music and not to be used to crank the volume to mind blowing levels.

An untouchable amp at its price!

It's often had to pick-out an amp, do you go for one of the more expensive ones? or one of the budget amps that you might be a little wary of? The answer is somewhere in the middle with the FiiO E11! Its performance is capable of battling it out with amps twice the price and it does this at an affordable price-point. That's the real beauty of the E11, not that it's easily portable, or that it's simple to use, but that it offers incredible value! E11 would make the perfect addition to any portable audio set-up! Your MP3 player could just have found it's new best friend!


  • Pocket-sized - making it easy to carry
  • Includes a high performance battery that is easily replaceable
  • Clean, clear and transparent audio reproduction
  • Heavy current three channels amplified circuit, effective to lower the output impedance.
  • Volume control
  • Various levels of bass boost, gain and voltage options
  • Auto-lock protective circuit ensure that no abnormal volume spikes will damage your hearing
  • Auto-shutdown during charging. Red light will show during charge and blue light when turned on

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RRP: £54.99
Memory Size: No Hard Drive
Battery Life: 10 Hours

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