FiiO E17 Portable Headphone Amp with USB DAC

Fiio E17

The FiiO E17 Alpen portable headphone amplifier with USB audio decoder (DAC) is designed for dual-functionality. The E17 Alpen both replaces PC on-board sound cards as the primary audio decoder, which can lead to an increase in audio quality, as well as provide high quality sound amplification and drive high-powered high-end headphones. The E17 Alpen supports different inputs including optical and coaxial. The E17 Alpen is a step up from the older FiiO E7, providing a wider support for various input devices as well as overall more functionality and control.

The E17 Alpen was built to be a much more complete product than the E10. The most significant addition was the ability for it to serve as a portable headphone amplifier. With batteries built into the Alpen, you can unplug it from USB and take it for a spin together with your Ipod. The E10 was limited to the USB DAC/Amp functions, and the E11 amplifier only to amplification purposes. The E17 Alpen does them both, and obviously this is a good thing. In addition to that they also added features such as coaxial and and toslink digital inputs, making it one of the most affordable DAC with complete digital inputs.

The Alpen is the successor to the E7, and there are great improvements on aspects other than just the sound. The first improvement is clearly in the amplifier section. You get better impact and much higher gain level. The E17 Alpen comes with three gain levels.

The second improvement is the way it does bass boost. Instead of the three steps bass boost on the E7, you now get five steps, and the increments are much more linear than that on the E7. There is no more "I wish I can have the bass slightly more than 1 but less than 2? because each increments add bass in good measures. What's impressive is like an equalizer, you can reduce bass quantities. Got a headphone you love but think the bass is a little too much? Then dial down the bass on the Alpen. Like the boost level, you also get five steps here.

The third improvement is treble controls. Why doesn't anybody add in a treble control in their portable amps? Treble control is brilliant! Lots of people have issue people have with their set up these days and thats treble levels! With the E17 Alpen, all you need to do is go to the menu, treble control, and dial in the treble that best suits your taste. Amazing! I think treble control is more important to us audiophiles than bass boost, like the bass boost level, the treble control setting also goes two ways, up and down fro '0'.

On top of everything, Fiio was also thoughtful enough to include a L/R balance control with the E17 Alpen. I know that some people have hearing imbalance issues, and I think it's great that Fiio to provide this feature.

The Fiio E17 Alpen Is a one stop do it all DAC and Headphone amp with a built in rechargeable battery so it's also portable, result!

  • Standard MINI USB Interface: connect with PC to make digital audio transfer possible and make battery charge possible
  • 3.5mm two-channel Headphone Output: suitable for various headphones.
  • 3.5mm SPDIF input connector: connect with high-definition player and receive PCM signal
  • 3.5mm Line In interface: connect with audio output LO&PO of audio players.
  • 18 Pin multifunctional interface: to make audio and data transfer possible in conjunction with L7 and E9.
  • Work indicator: indicate power on/off and charging status
  • High-brightness of OLED dot matrix screen: display kinds of working and setting information
  • Built-in high capacity chargeable Li-ion battery whose use time can reach 15H.
  • Meet listening need by adjusting GAIN , BASS, TREBLE or BALANCE.

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RRP: £119.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: Onboard Amp & DAC
Battery Life: 15 Hours

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