The Jackpen is a unique product for your busy life!

Ever been stuck without a pen?  Well, if you've got your phone, always have a pen with Jackpen!  An incredibly clever idea, seemingly simple, but extensively tested and proven to be robust, reliable and work every time!

Each Jackpen pack comes with three pens - with over 30 feet of ink in each pen.  Available in 4 colours, the packs are designed to have a low sell price, to hang attractively on peg boards and to represent a snap purchase decision.  

POS is available for all colours, or the packs can hang in existing till-point or accessory displays. 

Press Reviews

Press Reviews to follow


RRP: £3.99 for 3
Memory Size: N/A
Features: N/A
Battery Life: N/A

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Download Jackpen_Sales_UK.pdf