The Ultimate Pack

Mounted is a range of Pro quality GoPro mounts - all sourced by a professional snowboarding film-maker who was frustrated at the lack of quality mounts at sensible pricing.  All 100% GoPro compatible and of superb quality, Mounted is sold in packs suitable for different styles of activity.

As the name suggests, this is our ultimate collection of mounts, containing:

  1. EAV Carry Case
  2. Black Buckle x2
  3. J Hook x2
  4. Tripod/monopod/selfie stick adapter
  5. Monopod/selfie stick
  6. Mobile phone clamp for monopod
  7. Head strap and mount
  8. Thumb Screws x3
  9. Flat sticky mounts x2
  10. Tethers x2
  11. HDMI Cable
  12. Chest Mount
  13. Curved sticky mounts x2
  14. Floaty case float
  15. Suction Cup Mount
  16. Floaty handle with wrist strap and thumb screw
  17. Swivvy 360
  18. Handlebar Mount
  19. Pull string bag to store all mounts
  20. The “I’ve Been Mounted” Sticker 

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