Neo2Go Splashproof Shower Speaker

Stream Your Music Wireless

Stream your music from any Smartphone or Tablet directly to Neo2Go and enjoy music on the go with surprisingly full sound, both outdoors and indoors.

Neo2Go Sticks With You

The Swiss designed Neo2Go features a suction cup that allows you to stick it to a multitude of surfaces:

  • Stick it on the fridge or a tile in the kitchen
  • Stick it on any window or mirror
  • Stick it on a tile in the bathroom or shower
  • Stick it on the car windscreen
  • Sing With Me

Drops of water and even water-streams won’t avoid you from singing under the shower. The Neo2Go has an IPX4 splashproof rating making it splashproof and suitable for wet environments like bathrooms.

So just take it with you and start singing.


Regardless of whether you are taking a relaxing bath or enjoy your holiday at the beach, whether it’s standing upright, lying or hanging on the wall, the Neo2Go can be used in almost any environment and is bursting to give you full sound.


Take it with you for hiking, camping, in the garden or for a barbecue. The Neo2Go is your ideal companion in any situation. With 12 hours of battery life it will last out most trips as well.

It’s always a joy to be with friends and listen to your favourite music.


The Neo2Go has its very own intercom function with an integrated microphone. With it, you can make phone calls while driving or you can have a conference call that allows several people to listen in and talk. Background noises are suppressed, which is a great benefit to the voice quality. The button on the speaker allows you to answer calls without having to get your phone out.


  • Bluetooth speaker featuring exceptional sound quality
  • IPX4 splashproof rating
  • Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, outside etc
  • Built in mic allowing you to use it for conference calls
  • Available in a variety of colours

Press Reviews

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RRP: £49.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: Waterproof
Battery Life: 12 Hours

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