The uniquely designed CordCruncher headphones completely free you from the hassle of tangled cables. It’s a problem that plagues every headphone user and the CordCruncher provides a basic but revolutionary solution. 
Simply by enclosing the headphone wires in an elasticated case the headphones remain untangled and free even when stuffed in a pocket or wrapped around your wrist. The extendable wires mean you can even choose the length of your headphones. 
Stylish and practical the CordCruncher doubles as a fashion accessory when not in use and is enclosed in an elastic sleeve when not fully outstretched. Wear as a necklace or bracelet by plugging the headphone jack back into the elasticated case. With this added protection and practicality the CordCruncher is designed to last.
Made by Moxytronix and born out of a “chaos of creativity” the CordCruncher was brought into existence through the aid of crowd funding. 
Check out the video below: