Bringing more excellent new products from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, DAD are proud to announce the fantastic Damson Headbones!

Using the Incisor Diffusion Technology so successfully used in the Twist and Jet surface speakers, Damson have thrown an incredible curve-ball into the busy headphone market.

These Bluetooth headphones will pair to any Bluetooth device and deliver incredible sound fidelity and bass response through the magic of bone conduction, straight through your temporal bone, into your inner ear.  Your skull will become the speaker enclosure!

The benefits are two-fold.  First, you can replicate incredible depth of sound as the diffuser actually uses your bone structure to resonate the sound.  Secondly, there are no ear-buds blocking your ear canals, so you can still hear whats going on around you – a key safety aspect if you use headphones while walking through city streets.

We’ll have more news on these incredible new headphones when official launch dates are announced!