Time to really fly!

Drones are the biggest thing to hit UK consumer electronics since the iPod and DAD are delighted to being to the UK one of the most highly featured, sophisticated, reliable and robust drones yet produced.

Available in three main forms, the Xiro Xplorer leads the charge with its incredible performance and ease of use.  The drone itself features three flying modes from beginner to expert, all versions have GPS waypoint ability and a host of flying functionality that keep them exciting, yet safe for anyone over 18 to fly.  The control software works with your smartphone - which clips onto the remote controller - and in the video enabled models, this also enables high quality live streaming video.

Two camera platform versions are available - the V and G.  

The Xplorer V features Xiro's own highly refined HD camera, which can even capture 13MP professional RAW files - something unique to the Xplorer at this price point.  A host of features including object tracking and intellegint selfie mode, plus total control over camera settings on the fly make the V an extremely versatile prosumer video gathering device.

The Xplorer G is Xiro's GoPro platform.  A superb quality GoPro compatible 3 axis stabilised gimbal is included and software allows remote controlling of the GoPro with live viewing, of course, comes as standard.

Time to really fly with the new Xiro Xplorers!