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Everyone has an MP3 player now-a-days. Walking up the street we see people fiddling with their headphones, tucking them down their top or into their jacket or even pointlessly flapping around in front of their chest, we see runners accidently yanking our earphones during a push to break through the wall, it's all very frustrating to see. Why live in the dark when you could live in the light, with Jaybird Freedom, you are given a new opportunity, the opportunity to be free from wires!

Athletes, are you ready?
Freedom is designed with athletes in mind and come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat , but truth be told even the day-to-day audio enthusiast will benefit from the hands-free & wire free capabilities the Freedom headphones deliver!

Warm bass, balanced and crisp highs with complimentary and neat mids – the audio reproduction of the freedom headphones is non-fatiguing and of an excellent sound quality. As with Jaybird SB2 headphones, the Freedom boasts the ability to play apt-X sound quality.

The Freedom headphones not only offer a premium wireless audio experience but also a comfort unlike anything you have seen before. Introducing the all new GeckoGrip eartips.

Jaybird realised that soft silicone eartips are soft to the core and can easily slip out your ears or change position and become uncomfortable. With GeckoGrips the inner section of the eartip is hardened while the outside is still luxuriously soft, this results in the eartip staying in place and remaining comfortable for longer! 3 sizes of GeckoGrips are included alongside three normal silicone tips if you prefer the old fashioned eartip! Once you have your eartip size confirmed simply set the sliding neckband adjuster to keep your headphones secure, all you need now is to turn on the music!

Freedom boasts an on-headphone control system for your music and calls, after all what would a set of wireless headphones be if they never had call/audio control capabilities?

Jaybird have given you the freedom, excuse the pun, to take calls anywhere and everywhere and anywhere that you have a signal for your mobile!

Simply connect up your Freedom headphones via Bluetooth to your mobile and you can take and receive calls! With a battery life of up to 6 Hours of audio or call time the Freedom headphones will last beyond even the most strenuous workouts or daily commutes. 

Press Reviews

Press Reviews


RRP: £99
Memory Size:
Features: Bluetooth

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