The 30 pin Apple Dock Connector has been a mainstay of device connectivity for over ten years now.  It’s been there through various permutations of the iPhone and iDevices, but recently it’s been dropped for a new, more streamlined option.  
So where does this leave the vast range of dock-equipped audio devices already in the hands of owners?  
This is where BlueDock comes in – simply plug this adapter into the dock connector on your speaker dock and you can connect wirelessly, using Bluetooth, from any Bluetooth equipped device!  Whether that’s the latest iPhone, or any other smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth functionality – it all works with BlueDock.
1) Simply plug the Bluedock into your docking speaker and power on the speaker 2) search for "Bluedock" in the Bluetooth pairing menu on your device and 3) tap to pair! 
Bluedock will take power from the speaker and allow you to pair your bluetooth device (whether that's a modern Apple device, or any other Bluetooth compatible phone, tablet or laptop) to the speaker for wireless use.

When you want to pair something else, unlike some other products, you don't have to switch off or disconnect the dongle, just press the reset button on the top and it goes back into pairing mode.

Compatible Speakers - these are known to work:
Altec Lansing speaker
Revo Blok
Argos radio
iPhone 5
iPad mini
Samsung Galaxy S4
Klipsch iGroove
Kenwood Radio
Cambridge Audio dock
Nokia N8
Philips Hifi iPod dock
Samsung Note 2
Nexus 4 and 5

Older (Pre-2010) products from these manufacturers should work:
Gear 4
Pure Chronos
Marley dock

These products have tested non-compatible:
B&W Zeppelin
Bower and Wilkins
VW Golf car
Toyota Prius
iWant speaker
Pure Contour
Sony TDM-IP10 dock
Sony CMT-HX80R stereo
Sony Airplay SA10
Sony BDV E300 iPod Dock 
Technology shouldn’t be disposable – extend the life of your great sounding docks and improve their usability at the same time!

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RRP: £19.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: Bluetooth
Battery Life: Powered by dock connector

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