WisePrimate Slimline Charger

Slimline Charger 

The WisePrimate Slimline charger is a development of our successful Powerbank product.  With proven reliability and usability, we’ve shrunk it down to a new form factor and a more pocketable weight. 

With 5000mAh capacity, it’s got plenty of juice to charge a premium smartphone twice or three times without needing a charge itself – the key with the Slimline Charger is the new attractive case, available in two colours, plus the much, much slimmer and lighter design.  The discrete LED charge indicator also lets you know how much juice is left. 

Supplied with the Slimline Charger is our premium three way charge cable –this has Micro USB, Apple Lightning and the new Type-C USB connection (reversible Micro sized USB) which will become the new standard for non-Apple devices.  Of course, this means you can charge any USB charged device, from a phone to an Action Camera, even if you’ve forgotten the USB lead for it. 


Never be stuck again – simple, light, attractive and robust – the Slimline Charger is the ideal travel companion.

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RRP: 29.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: N/A
Battery Life: 2-3 charges of your Mobile

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