X-Mini 3 Bluetooth Capsule Speaker


The classic of the X-Mini design returns in style, with the new X Mini 3. Taking the incredible sound of the original X Mini products, adding to the quality, then as a final touch, adding Bluetooth functionality to create the only portable speaker you'll ever need!

Don't worry if you don't have a Bluetooth device - X Mini has you covered. The X Mini 3 still has the integral 3.5mm jack connector on a built-in lead to let you connect to any headphone jack without having to remember a specific cable.

Add to that the great function of a line-out socket. This means you can take a jack-to-jack cable and connect your X Mini into your existing stereo system to turn it into a Bluetooth streaming audio system!

The Bass Xpansion chamber is the thing that made X Mini great and the X Mini 3 increases the volume without making the speaker any physically bulkier - give it a twist and the two halves expand out on the accordion centre section - this gives additional air-gap behind the driver, allowing for fuller bass and better sound. All this, with Bluetooth, for the MSRP of the original X Mini, means the X Mini 3 is sure to be the top speaker of the year - make sure you grab yours now!

The jogwheel on the side of the speaker lets you skip from track to track, pause and play. Keep your iPhone, phone, iPad, tablet, Samsung, Xperia etc in your pocket, charging, or across the room, you've got your audio controls covered withe Xmini III.

Return of the jack! Yes the Xmini Buddy Jack is back - plug in all your old Xmini speakers (buddies) and they will link up to become part of a booming bluetooth sound system. Xmini , Xmini II, Xmini Max, Xmini Duo, Xmini ME, Xmini WE all work with this device.

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RRP: £29.99
Memory Size: N/A
Features: Bluetooth

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