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X Mini is BACK!

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X Mini has finally brought out the product the market has been demanding - the long awaited follow-up to the…

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Mel B selects Cordcruncher

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Celebrity Inc - the newest business reality show in the US, featuring Mel B - a Dragon's Den style show,…

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New HP In-Car Cameras - available now

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Constant recording and accident proof - HP bring quality to the dashcam market

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DAD Spotlight: CordCruncher

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Tangle-Free Wired Earphones At Last!

Check out the revolutionary new tangle-free earphones!

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Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011


"[His] brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve" Apple


On hearing of the passing of Steve Jobs at DAD Audio I would like, on behalf of all the staff, to state how sorry we are to hear of his death. DAD operates in the very sector that Jobs helped to create and will continue to influence.

Steve Jobs, the visionary behind the Apple brand and information revolution changed the world of technology for the better. The impact of Apple Inc. touched and influenced the worlds of communication, design and high-end technology.

His passion and rigour as leader took Apple from mediocre Macintosh retailer to the technology giant that usurped Microsoft to become the world’s biggest technology company.

Jobs’ resolute belief and passion for tasteful design led the way to an untapped, unconventional culture of technology that fused creativity with the very best of technology.     

 “DAD Audio owes a lot of its success to the work of Steve Jobs and his genius that brought MP3 players to the mainstream. The world of technology has suffered an incalcuable loss and this is truly a sad day at DAD Audio.” Andrew Gordon, DAD Audio




x mini



X mini made a big splash as the proud partners of the Asian Wake Park Tour in Singapore on 24 September. The makers of the innovative Capsule Speaker range are not known to shy away from the extreme; be it extreme noise or extreme sports.


The event took place in Singapore’s first cable park, Cable Ski 360, which saw the world’s wake boarding professionals come together to compete in a fiercely fought competition. This, the second leg of the tour, saw entries from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UK.


The UK’s Daniel Grant went home with all the top prizes winning the Men’s Pro Wakeboard and Men’s Pro Wakeskate awards.


Overall, the day was a huge success with X mini further reminding us of their love for extreme sports.



  Popcorn Hour PopBox Wins with MacFormat

‘That leaves the PopBox as the best all-rounder in our test – it offers iPlayer and other web content, good categorisation and a wide range of extra features.’ MacFormat

MacFormat magazine praised the all-rounder qualities of the PopBox giving it a 4/5 star rating in its media streamer group testing. It had some tough competition to beat before reaching the top spot going up against the likes of Apple TV; Boxee Box; Iomega Screenplay TV Link DX; Seagate Goflex TV and the WDTV Live Hub 1TB.




 The PopBox is a powerful little device that enables playback of almost all of your media. Watch your stored movies, videos and programmes. Relive old times by watching a high quality slideshow of all your photos accompanied by your favourite music and, if you get bored, access the App store abundant in extra entertainment such as YouTube and Twitter.

What’s more, experience all of this in brilliant High Definition quality television and if you have a 3D enabled television, experience the magic of 3D through your PopBox too.






X Mini

 X-mini Capsule Speaker II

We are familiar with the sheer capacity for noise all X-mi models have and the noise they are making across the pond is pretty impressive too. The X-mini II model was featured on Fox’s Back to School Guide.

What makes this model so special is its 40mm driver that gives the X-mini II its impressive sound. One notable new feature of the X-mini II from the first generation model is the Buddy Jack option. If the volume of one is not enough you have the ability to connect several X-mini IIs together to maximise noise.

Like their success, the X-mi range keeps expanding. Across range are neat packages of engineered excellence. The compact size of the product is no indication of what it is capable of achieving. Previous models such as the X-mini HAPPY; X-mini Hello Kitty;  X-mini v1.1;  X-mini MAX v1.1;  X-mini II and  X-mini MAX II have amazed and impressed users with their sheer capacity for noise. Now there is an addition to the fleet - the X-mini RAVE. The RAVE boasts all the qualities of the X-mini II but has FM Radio as an addition.  

Portability is the definitive feature of X-mini models and the X-mini RAVE is no different. It has a net weight of only 98.6g and has dimensions of 49.2mm x 62.3mm. The RAVE can be taken anywhere.

With X-mini, big things certainly do come in small packages. 


Buddy Jack


Buddy Jack






Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer


T3’s ‘The Guide’ rewards Denon HiFi top spot in the magazine’s listings.

The supreme Denon HiFi model has been aptly ranked as number 1 in the HiFi System Category. The Denon received top marks being rated a complete five stars.

The Denon RCD N-7

One of the glowing features of the model is its capacity for multifunctional use. Switch easily between listening to the pristine sound of a CD, FM/AM radio or stream your music from an infinite music source like Spotify, Napster or Deezer. To name but a few functions.

Denon produce high end products and do not fail in reaching high quality standards. Sound reproduction is of pristine clarity. Without being too technical the Ceol comes with an Optimising filter that is designed to produce excellence in 'in-sync' audio performance. It is equipped with a high-grade amp for powerful dynamic sound from a compact body.

Given the capability of the Ceol and Denon’s commitment for quality, five stars seems an almost modest rating.