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X Mini is BACK!

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X Mini has finally brought out the product the market has been demanding - the long awaited follow-up to the…

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Mel B selects Cordcruncher

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Celebrity Inc - the newest business reality show in the US, featuring Mel B - a Dragon's Den style show,…

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New HP In-Car Cameras - available now

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Constant recording and accident proof - HP bring quality to the dashcam market

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DAD Spotlight: CordCruncher

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Tangle-Free Wired Earphones At Last!

Check out the revolutionary new tangle-free earphones!

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Success for the Freedom headphones has been unrelenting as the product sells out of its last three production runs.

JayBird have been delighting as demand for the Freedoms has seen continual growth since the product’s inception – and quite rightly too.
With a product engineered specifically for sportspeople but has acquired mass appeal, JayBird have deservedly been revelling in floods of praise. The Freedoms have succeeded in seducing the likes of iCreate, The Gadgeteer and Engadget to name only a few.

To cope with demand and drive forward the Bluetooth movement, Jaybird have partnered with Apple which sees the headphones selling in all European Apple outlets.  Distributed in the UK by DAD, the Apple partnership expands upon a strong retail base including, Advanced MP3 Players, Advanced Headphones, Dixons airport stores, Harrods and other leading headphones retailers.     

Wireless technology and secure fitting earbuds bridges exquisite sophistication with common sense. There is little else you could truly want from the Freedoms.


For more information click here. 

Digital Audio Distribution met Jason Slater at Gadget Show Live Birmingham 2011!

Intrigued by these truly innovative headphones, Jason had the opportunity to review Jaybird Freedom with DAD Audio!

"The carry case is pretty – although we’re not sure how practical it would really be as it’s pretty big but it does have a satisfying magnetic snap shut lid."

"In typical use the delivery and quality of the sound over Bluetooth is very good – thanks largely to implementation of apt-X technology, a digital compression technology used to improve deliver audio wirelessly, we last talked about apt-X when we looked at the Creative Labs Bluetooth audio transmitters and were as impressed with it back then as we are now."

"Overall, the Jaybird Freedom are an impressive looking, and sounding, Bluetooth headset with very good all-round sound; how they manage to fit all the technology in there and still have a wearable unit (only 16g) is pretty amazing." (Technology with Jason Slater - Click here for full review).

Try these premium hands free wires free headphones and get addicted to your new Freedom!



Jaybird enhanced their Freedom Bluetooth Headphones with ear cushions!

Secure-Fit guaranteed!

Freedom are the latest headphones launched by Jaybird at Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. They are the world's smallest Bluetooth headset. Pair them with your smartphone and other Bluetooth device and off you go. Lightweight and wireless, the Freedom offer incredible secure fit for sports and active lifestyles! Below nice pictures of these new little gems:




With their New Born, the C2, Cowon have gone back to their roots: Stunning Audio Quality!

The Cowon C2 is the successor to the hugely successful D2, and it shares the audio genius of its predecessor. It bucks the current market trends, going back to the root of all that is needed to have stunning audio quality and delivering. Audiophiles, there is a new king in town.

Tech Made Easy was the first to have tested and enjoyed this new gem:

"Overall, a nice looking device, certainly one of the nicer media players I’ve looked at recently."

"In general use the device is responsive, even with the graphic flare that’s on offer during music and video playback."

"In terms of build quality, usability and sound quality it’s really hard to fault the C2."

"If you’re heavily in to your music and find yourself away from your HiFi a lot, then the Cowon C2 would be a worthwhile investment." (read the full review here)



World Touch Cup 2011 - Good Luck Scotland!

Jaybird and DAD Audio are supporting and encouraging you more than ever!


The Scottish team has been sponsored by Jaybird. Therefore they got six Freedom and Sportsband 2 headphones to relax with music between training sessions:

"Through the day Jaybird Freedom and Sportsband 2's were great for relaxation between games."

"With final preparations complete the Jaybird sponsored Scotland M30 team is ready to take on world!" (Ali Crozier - Scottish Touch player)


DAD Audio met the Scottish team at Pollock Halls last week and had the opportunity to get some pictures of the players and their iconic Jaybird headphones:



Fancy supporting them? Please click here - you will find information about their performances!